• Each wreath is individually handmade using quality items like Deco Mesh, faux floral supplies, various types of signs, and embellishments. It is difficult to predict the display life of every wreath, however, by following some easy care and storage tips, you can extend your wreath’s beauty.
  • It is recommended hanging wreath on a door with an overhang to help protect it from the outside elements. If possible, bring it inside during rain/snowstorms.
  • Keep wreath clean by using a blow dryer on lowest/coolest setting or compressed air from a can to remove dirt and pollen. Never store dirty.
  • To store wreath, put back in original box or appropriate container and keep in a climate-controlled area such as a closet. DO NOT store in attic. Extreme heat/cold will damage it. If original box is unavailable, hang on a clothes hanger and cover with clear plastic to product from dust.
  • As with anything left to the elements, your wreath will fade over time, especially flowers, ribbons, etc. Every wreath is sprayed with clear color guard prior to shipping to help protect against this. Changing your wreath each season will extend its display life.